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  1. May an individual apply for a scholarship or grant?
    The Brown Foundation does not support grants to individuals in the form of scholarships or any other assistance. Grant requests can be considered only from tax-exempt organizations described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  2. What are the deadlines for submitting grant proposals?
    Review and processing of requests must occur before the Trustees deliberate. Typically, meetings are held every month. Completed grant proposals are placed on the next appropriate agenda, usually a few months after receipt. There are no deadlines.  The trustees will consider only one application from an organization within a twelve month period. No proposal from an organization previously funded by the Foundation will be considered unless a full and timely report of expenditure of the previous grant has been submitted.

  3. What type of grants does the Foundation support?
    Although the main funding focus is public education, the Foundation also supports programs in the areas of arts and humanities, civic and public affairs, human services, and medicine/science. The Foundation does not support grants to religious organizations for religious purposes, grants to support fundraising events or marketing efforts, grants intended directly or indirectly to support candidates for political office or to influence legislation, or grants to cover past operating deficits or debt retirement.

  4. What is an appropriate amount to request when submitting a proposal?
    Each organization must determine its own needs, present a budget for the project that is being submitted, and indicate what amount is requested from the Foundation.

  5. May an organization request interim updates?
    The Foundation acknowledges receipt of proposals and provides notice immediately upon final disposition but does not provide status reports during the review process.

  6. Must the original Proposal Summary Form be completed?
    The Foundation will accept reproduced copies of the Proposal Summary Form if the information is complete and submitted in the exact order of the original form. If more space is needed, more lines may be added, but the proposal should be no longer than 5-6 pages.

  7. May videos, CDs, or cassettes be sent as additional information?
    Materials of this type are not reviewed.

  8. May an organization meet with Foundation representatives prior to submitting a request?
    The Foundation prefers to receive and review proposals and schedule meetings or visits only as requested by the Trustees.

  9. To whom are the requests sent?
    Send requests to:
    The Brown Foundation, Inc.
    Ms. Ann Ziker, Executive Director
    P.O. Box 130646
    Houston, TX 77219-0646.