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  1. What types of organizations may apply for a grant?
    The Brown Foundation only considers grant requests from tax-exempt charitable organizations, as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Brown Foundation does not support grant requests to individuals or individual scholarship assistance.
  1. What types of grants does the Foundation support?
    The Brown Foundation makes grants across a variety of program areas including: education, arts and culture, civic assets, human services and healthcare. 

    The Brown Foundation also will consider various types of funding requests, including operating, program, and capital support.  The Foundation typically does not make grants in support of endowments or endowment campaigns.

    The Brown Foundation does not support grants to religious organizations for religious or doctrinal purposes.  Faith-based organizations that provide education; human or social services; or similar programs are eligible to apply.  The Brown Foundation also does not make grants in support of fundraising and/or marketing events; grants intended directly or indirectly to support candidates for political office or to influence legislation; or grants to cover past operating deficits or debt retirement.
  2. Does the Brown Foundation support organizations outside of Houston?  Outside of Texas? 
    The Brown Foundation focuses primarily on the greater Houston area.  From time to time, we may consider proposals from institutions or organizations in other parts of Texas or other states. 
  3. How often can my organization apply?
    Once every 12 months no matter the decision outcome.  For organizations that have received a previous grant, a report of outcomes and expenditures must be submitted before a new grant may be awarded.
  4. If my organization has been declined, may I reapply?
    The Foundation will consider only one application from an organization within a 12-month period. 


  1. Does every organization have to do the pre-application? 
  2. Is there a login for the pre-application? 
  3. What browsers work best for the pre-application? 
    Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Internet Explorer is not recommended.
  4. How much time should I allow for to fill out the pre-application? 
    The typical time to complete is approximately one hour.
  5. Can you print the pre-application beforehand? 
    There is a link to download the Word document for your use in drafting your responses. You will need to submit your final responses into the online pre-application.
  6. What is the difference between general operating and program funding? 
    The general operating is a board approved operating budget, whereas the program budget is for the specific program.  We accept both types of requests.  If you request funding for a specific project or program, you will be asked to provide some additional details about that project and its budget.
  7. Can I upload a video, brochure or weblink to the pre-application? 
    In the pre-application, you have the option to upload one link. This may take any form you wish and is entirely optional.  Organizations that choose not to exercise this option will still receive the same consideration. 
  8. How long after I submit the pre-application will I get a decision? 
    If you apply during the specified cycle times, you should receive a decision within approximately 30 days of the close date for the pre-application window. You will get an email with either an invitation to complete a full application or a declination.
  9. Is there a feedback section if you are declined? Currently we do not have this option.  
    We will contact you if we have specific feedback that we are able to share.


Current grantees needing to submit reports can use the link below to submit their reports.  Please note that you have to have already created a login or will need to create one to access your organization's profile.

Submit Report/Outcome


We strongly prefer that you remove the Brown Foundation from your mass-mailing lists (both electronic and hard-copy).  We respectfully request that you refrain from sending us any publications; newsletters; marketing collateral; event or gala invitations; as well as physical awards of gratitude for the Foundation giving.  We will contact you if we wish to receive additional information about your organization.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the final approval of each grant. Since the Foundation receives funding requests far in excess of its ability to fund, only a small portion of requests can be approved. A decision not to fund a proposal does not reflect on the merits of the applicant or the value of the proposal.